HP Printer is without any doubt preferable device among the users as it provides high-quality printing solution. Though, being technical device, we can’t deny the fact that some annoying glitches could appear while printing documents. Most of the HP Printer users have complaint that their printer says offline when they print. However, HP Printer Offline error message can be shown because of any apparent reason. With some simple checks and easy fixing steps you can get your printer online back. So, whenever you are in the same problematic situation, despite feeling blue, try to search for its productive solution. You are here at right place as this post will help you in an effective manner so that in the blink of an eye you will be applicable to convert your HP Printer Offline to Online. Hence, give a glimpse of the information we have collected for you!

Some Specific Reasons Of Confronting HP Printer Offline Error

There could be several factors due to which HP Printer Offline error message appears when printing the documents. Few of them are listed underneath, check them out:

  • “Use Printer Offline” option may be checked
  • USB cables may be inappropriately attached
  • Lack of communication establish between your printer and computer
  • Paper jamming can also lead HP Printer Offline
  • Might be having problems with the downloaded printer driver or software
  • Network connectivity issue can also be the one affected root cause for the appearance of such a printer offline problem

Basically, when you select the document which you want to print and choose “Print” option to give a command, the computer associated with the printer thinks that HP Printer Is OfflineIt actually happens when the printer is ON and is ready to start printing. Such a complicated circumstance makes you too much annoy and needs immediate solving tips to bring it back online in a minute. So, the content is all about the same! Feast your eyes to learn the exact method.

Different Effectual Solving Methods To Get Printer Back Online

Printer won’t print until your printer is saying Offline during print-job. Therefore, it is very essential to go through the following troubleshooting tricks and techniques if HP Printer Is OfflineThe provided instructions will assist you to get your offline printer back online. So, look at below and try them one by one unless your printer starts printing.

Method 1: Verify Your Printer Is Not in “Use Printer Offline” Mode

If the “Use Printer Offline” option is selected on your Windows system, then you definitely receive an Offline error message while print. That’s why; we are strongly suggested you to first check that option in your PC, and make sure it is not selected. Follow the given steps for doing this:

  • First, click on “Start” menu and then go to “Control Panel”
  • Select the option “Devices and Printers”
  • Now, click on “Printers and Scanners” tab
  • From the opened list, select HP Printer and give a right-click on it
  • Thereafter, from the menu, uncheck the option “Use Printer Offline”
  • After doing that, your HP Printer will instantly get back in Online mode

In case, this doesn’t effective in eliminating HP Printer Is Offline problem, move to the next fixing method.

Method 2: Make Sure HP Printer Is Set As Default

If your HP printer keeps going offline whenever you print your urgent document, then instead of feeling blue, follow these given directive accordingly:

  • Press “Windows + R” key simultaneously on your keyboard to invoke the Run dialogue box
  • Next type Control Panel in the search box and then hit “Enter” key
  • Click on the ‘Device and Printer’ option and select HP printer from the given list. If your printer has a green check mark, it means your printer is already ‘set as default’.
  • If there is no green tick, then place a right click on your printer and click the option of  “Set as a default printer”
  • Now your printer will successfully work and HP Printer Offline problem will no longer be displayed while printing.

You can now print frequently without any kind of disruption. But if your printer throws an Offline error message yet, go to the next fixing method.

Method 3: Check The HP Printer Driver

HP printer always shows offline error if the driver installed against your printer is outdated or corrupted. So, you have to check for the upgraded version of printer driver. Follow the given guide:

  • Open Windows search box and find “Device Manager” tab. Once you see it, give an instant click on it
  • Now expand the section where it says ‘Printers’
  • Afterward, from the expanded section, locate your printer’s model number and Right Click on it
  • Now, click on ‘Update Driver’ option
  • Next press on the ‘search automatically’ tab and wait for your printer driver to be updated. Once the process gets done, restart your computer as soon as you can
  • If you want to re-install your driver, go to ‘Control Panel’ and click on ‘remove programs’ and uninstall your existing HP printer driver. Thereafter download the updated version of your printer driver from the manufacturing website and install it correctly by following the prompted instructions.

Method 4: Fix Printer Spooler Settings

If the Printer Spooler option is stopped, then this may result HP Printer Offline. So, you have to fix it first and then continue printing function. To fix it, follow the steps noted underneath:

  • First of all, open ‘Run’ dialog box on your Windows screen and type “Services.msc” in the search box. Then, press “OK” tab
  • Now from the listed items, select the option “Print Spooler”
  • Place a right click on it and select “Stop” option to pause the print spooler services for a couple of while
  • Next click on the address bar from the ‘Windows File Explorer’ and type C:\Windows\System32\Spool\Printer and hit “OK”
  • Now remove all the files from printer folder to clear the print queue for receiving outstanding printouts
  • Thereafter, go back to “Print Spooler” option and right click on it and select “Start” option to resume the spooler service again
  • At the end, restart your computer and printer and now you will notice “HP Printer Is Offline”problematic error has gone completely from the root.

Method 5: Check Your Network Connection

In some cases, HP printer keeps going offline because of loose connection. Therefore, check your wired connection first by following the below steps:

  • Check if USB cable’s both end are properly linked-up to printer and computer. If you have wireless connection make sure the printer and router connectivity should be compatible.
  • Also make sure that the power cable intact without any cuts and is connected appropriately between printer and power socket.

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Was this helpful! We just hope we proffer you beneficial information for quick resolving HP Printer Offline problem. Not yet able to convert your printer offline to online? Stop being worried, simply visit the site 123.hp.com/setup and follow the instructions noted over there. In the least possible time your printer will be turned to online. Thereafter, you can print anything!


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